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FORTE Holdings LLC is a private capital management company with a well-defined set of holdings in operating businesses with select products and intellectual properties that we deem to be valuable for present and coming generations.

~~~ We maintain our portfolio with direct engagement in companies identified as being in the foreground of long-term sustainable needs within markets spanning vision and neurorestorative medicine, nutrition and rejuvenative health, leisure and entertainment, and cybersecurity for personal information and financial services.

~~~ Included among our engagements and our investments is Real Vision, directly in the business of vision, corrective eyesight and interactions with neurophysiological processes and conditions.

~~~ Another primary focal activity is Agricola, centered upon an agricultural operation, producing a line of gourmet cheese and cured-meat products, following precise biodynamic and permaculture practices.

~~~ Another engagement is in the domain of cybersecure social exchange including personal gaming coupled with trading in multiple commodities; this is the ORBIS environment.

~~~ Another principle holding is the family of companies in biomedical and related sensing, monitoring and recognition technologies, The TETRAD Group.

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Real Vision
FORTE Holdings is now the pioneer in bringing best-practices and deep-science together, for improving the Visual Experience for Everyone who puts on their head a pair of eyeglasses, be they for corrective vision, for sun and glare protection, or for enhanced digital media experiences. Real Vision addresses also vision-based neurorestorative procedures for persons suffering from stroke, brain trauma and neurodegenerative diseases.

The future of agriculture is in small, compact, diversifiable, biodynamic farming operations, not in mega-industrial-chemical farms. Quality outperforms quantity in both nutrition and economics. We are engaged with leaders in this field and focused upon production and consumer education in specialized dairy (cheese) and cured meat products.

A world of creative individual and group activities spanning virtual and real+virtual integrated worlds for entertainment, gaming, personal exploration, and financial-social enterprising and adventuring, protected with the benefits and powers of anonymity and privacy that extend beyond the reach of intruders of any and all types.

Microelectronics, software, and devices that deliver intelligent sensing, monitoring and recognition capabilities for consumers and institutional users, spanning several catagories of chemical, biological and radiological areas, plus consultancy and research services at executive, management and technical development levels for corporate clients.

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