FORTE Horizons LLC

Providing management consulting services to investment banks, private equity, and venture capital institutions, as well as to select approved individual clients in subject areas of:

proficiency, experience, expertise, and record ("PEER" accomplishment areas) spanning critical disciplines:

  • Energy - particularly focused upon optimization, hybrid, and innovations emerging in nuclear, solar, geothermal, tidal power generation and distribution mnanagement
  • Environment - particularly focused upon real-time monitoring and proactive, preventive action relating to CBRN - chem-bio-rad-nuclear threats and incidents
  • Continuity Management and Critical Infrastructure Fault-Tolerance - particularly focused upon Energy, Climate, Environment
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences - particularly focused upon personal and group wellness and disease management, and pandemic critical management
  • Safety and Security - particularly focused upon personal and social circles and groups in the context of Energy, Climate, Environment, Public Health and Public Conflict

  • Financial Market and Investment Forecasting with Critical-Event Risk Countermeasure Planning - particularly focused upon control, hedge and opportunistic action with respect to ECP (Emergent Critical Processes and Events) in the aforementioned areas.

Additional PEER accomplishment areas include other domains of knowledge and management by members of the extensive network of experts who are consultants, mentors, advisors, and specialists within The TETRAD Consortium and the TetraDyn professional family.

FORTE Horizons is also engaged with private financial interests in the formation of a new Private Equity Fund that is focused upon high returns through intelligent management of very high risk opportunities. This fund is current (July, 2014) in the process of formation and is not currently open for applications by individual or institutional investors. However, inquiries are welcome from both prospective managing partners and investor clients.

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FORTE Horizons LLC

Operations and Representative Offices in USA, Europe, and Asia.

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